Planning your MICE adventures for 2017—Sail with us on turquoise waters!

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Include spectacular sailing in the Aegean or Mediterranean Seas. We can arrange for any type of sailing vessel or luxury yacht. 
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Have you seen our latest newsletter? Turkey in One Minute.

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Our September 2016 newsletter -- was published recently. Each month we send out an up-to-date newsletter with links and information on what's happening in the MICE industry in Turkey. 

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Check out our newest top tip—Northern Cyprus

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See our latest newsletter at the link below. 

The Beauties of Turkey : Hagia Sophia

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Introducing our new series to promote / support Turkish tourism. The series “The Beauties of Turkey” will highlight a specific site of interest each week. Let us know which sites you’d like to see! 
To start off the new series, the spectacular-mysterious-fascinating architectural and wonder - the Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia in Turkish).

Rich in history, the original construction was over a Pagan site, then rebuilt in the 6th century as the Hagia Sophia - with the architectural marvel serving as the seat of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Sunni Islam religions - and currently a museum. 
Some of the mysteries of the Hagia Sofia:
“- There are large cisterns under the building which is described by historians big enough for a boat to fit in. Those cisterns are also believed to connect to other cisterns located under the seat of the sultan.
- It is believed that underground sections of the building like cellar, chambers or crypts were concealed by the priests of the church at the time of the Ottoman invasion to hide and keep the relics.
- Inside Hagia Sophia, there are columns, doors, marbles and different other artifacts from earlier civilizations dating back to 5th century BC.
- Relics such as nails from the true cross and the shroud of Mary were some of the very important treasures of the church until the attack of the crusaders.
- It is believed that the greatness of the building affected Russia in a way to choose Orthodox Christianity rather than Catholicism.” (


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Una INTRODUCCIÓN a uno de los secretos mejor guardados de TURQUÍA
que le desvela

Esmirna, la joya costera del Egeo, es una ciudad hermosa y moderna con el encanto del viejo mundo. Con unas vistas impresionantes, antiguos bazares y pintorescos cafés y restaurantes, Esmirna es una pequeña gran ciudad perfecta.
Con excelentes hoteles e infraestructura y buenas conexiones de vuelo (sólo una hora desde Estambul y con distintos vuelos internacionales directos), hacen que Esmirna sea un gran destino MICE (turismo de negocios) y una buena alternativa a la vibrante Estambul.


Nuestro hotel favorito en Esmirna para viajes de incentivo, reuniones y convenciones es el Swissotel. El hotel está rodeado de preciosos jardines y cuenta con 402 habitaciones y suites decoradas con gran gusto. Añada a todo ello unas excelentes salas de reuniones y un servicio de alta calidad, por lo que es un lugar perfecto para su próximo evento.


Con 19 salas de reuniones y conferencias, incluidos una sala de exposiciones multiuso y un excelente salón de baile, el hotel es un lugar ideal para la finalidad del MICE.


Esmirna es la guarida de infinidad de restaurantes. Nuestra mejor elección para los primerizos son los restaurantes ubicados en el paseo marítimo Konak Pier
El Konak Pier era originalmente un almacén, conocido por haber sido diseñado por el estudio de arquitectura de Gustave Eiffel. Fue completamente restaurado y se inauguró como un centro comercial de lujo en 2004, donde puede encontrar una variedad de restaurantes junto al mar. En ellos se sirven platos de la magnífica cocina del Egeo, de cocina internacional, así como especialidades de carne y pescado con unas vistas espectaculares de la ciudad y sus aguas color turquesa.


No se vaya de ESMIRNA sin:
1. dar un paseo a lo largo del Konak el romántico paseo 
marítimo que recorre la hermosa costa en el centro 
de la ciudad. Visitar la Plaza de la torre del reloj 
(Clocktower Square), un hito de Esmirna y el Asansor, 
el ascensor que le lleva a contemplar una vista 
espectacular de la ciudad.
2. visitar el bazar cubierto Kemeralti
3. visitar el impresionante Éfeso, Patrimonio de la Humanidad.
4. descubrir el bonito pueblo griego Sirince, elevado por las 
colinas y rodeado de higueras, melocotoneros y viñedos.
5. degustar los vinos de la región en una de las excelentes bodegas

Eventos DMT en la región de ESMIRNA

 Exclusivo Concierto y cena en Éfeso, en la Biblioteca de Celso, considerada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO.


 A una relativa proximidad de Esmirna hay una serie de espectaculares bodegas modernas escondidas en pueblos pintorescos de la campiña.
Vendimias, catas de vino, comidas y cenas pueden organizarse en estos increíbles entornos. 


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An  INTRODUCTION to one of the  best kept MICE secrets in TURKEY 

Izmir, the coastal gem on the Aegean is a beautiful, modern city with old world charm. With stunning views, ancient bazaars and quaint cafes and restaurants, Izmir is the perfect little big city.
Excellent hotels and general infrastructure, good flight connections - just one hour from Istanbul and a number of direct international flights - make Izmir a great MICE destination and a good alternative to bustling Istanbul.


Don't leave IZMIR without:    
1. taking a stroll along the Konak the romantic promenade
along the beautiful coast, in the center of the city. Have a look at  the Clocktower Square, an Izmir landmark and the Asansor the elevator/lift that takes you to a spectacular vista overlooking the city.
2. visiting Kemeralti Covered Bazaar.
3. visiting  the impressive UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site 
of Ephesus.

4. discovering the pretty Greek village of Sirince perched high  in the hills surrounded by fig and peach orchards and vineyards.

5. tasting the wines of the region at one of the excellent wineries


Our favorite hotel in Izmir for incentives, meetings, conventions, is  the Swissotel Büyük Efes.  The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and features 402 tastefully furnished rooms and suites. Add in excellent meeting facilities, top quality service and  you have the perfect location  for your next event.


With 19 meeting and conference rooms, including a multi-purpose exhibition hall and a grand ballroom - the hotel is an ideal location  for MICE purposes.


Izmir  is home to a myriad of restaurants. Our Top Pick for first-timers are the restaurants of the Konak Pier.
The Konak Pier was originally a warehouse reported to have been designed by Gustave Eiffel's architect office. It was thoroughly restored and opened as an upmarket shopping center in 2004, featuring a variety of seaside restaurants serving wonderful Aegean and international cuisine as well as meat and fish specialties with spectacular views over the city and the turquoise waters.

DMT Events in the  IZMIR region

The CELSUS LIBRARY  (UNESCO World Heritage) in the gigantic archaeological site of  Ephesus offers the most magnificent backdrop for exclusive concerts and dinners.  The privilege to listen to selected classic music and dine in this exclusive setting is reserved to a privileged few.


Within relatively close distance of Izmir, there are a number of spectacular ultra modern wineries hidden away in quaint villages in the country side.
Grape harvesting, wine tastings, lunches and dinners can be organized in these amazing surroundings. 

Don't Hide From Istanbul! (Article by Conde Nast Traveler)

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In light of yesterday's senseless attack on the heart of Istanbul we post this article from Conde Nast Traveler magazine:

"ISIS hit Istanbul with a deadly blow today, but avoiding the city only cripples it further.
A deadly suicide blast hit Istanbul’s main tourist district today, killing 10 and injuring 15 in Sultanahmet Square, at a time when post-Paris, post-Brussels, and post-Beirut, it's the last thing we want to hear. Responses from world leaders—and a resurgence of fear about the safety of travel—have all been swift. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out in Berlin about the attack and its victims, the majority of whom were German: "Today Istanbul was hit; Paris has been hit, Tunisia has been hit, Ankara has been hit before," she said. "International terrorism is once again showing its cruel and inhuman face today."
And while it's a natural reaction to stay away in the wake of tragedy, Traveler’s editor-in-chief Pilar Guzmán, who recently returned from a trip to Istanbul, says we should resist the urge to put our heads in the sand.
“When a friend emailed me a 'thank God, you’re back' this morning after the news of the attacks on Istanbul, my first reaction was I’d go again tomorrow,” says Guzmán. “It’s not as though it never crossed my mind while traveling to Istanbul with my family this past December that one of the world’s most culturally significant cities, like Paris, could be a target. But the truth is any city, including ones like the relatively unknown blighted L.A. exburb of San Bernadino, is equally vulnerable. If we give into our fears and never leave our homes (because as someone who rides the New York City subway every day to 1 World Trade, that’s really what we’re talking about) we give into the terrorists’ goal of crippling tourism in a city wholly reliant on it, of undermining its economy and governance. As we know from recent events in Syria (or Libya or Yemen), it’s precisely this instability that becomes fertile ground for ever more radical forms of terrorism. And round and round we go. By continuing to claim our collective citizenship of the world, we play our part in short-circuiting this vicious cycle.” "