Turkish Delights : Istanbul Venues and Meeting Spaces

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Istanbul is the place for state-of-the-art meeting and conventions with 5 main convention centers and hundreds of meeting facilitates throughout the city. An impressive range of hotels offering meeting spaces along with unique ancient and modern venue options - such as the The Darruziyafe. Boasting large dining halls (called the "kitchen of the poor"), the Darruziyafe is located at the grand Suleyman Mosque - perfect for basic technical meeting requirements. 

For more high-energy or innovative meetings, the Hard Rock Cafe Istanbul offers 3 levels of meeting and dining space and a large terrace just off the famous Istiklal Boulevard. 

Our Latest Fresh Picks : Istanbul

Soho House Istanbul - the creative atmosphere of the Soho House Istanbul is the perfect location for all your event needs. With refashioned 19th-century palazzo in its typical masculine aesthetic and restored the original Italianate details - the Soho House is our Fresh Pick for eating, drinking and meeting. 

Our next Fresh Pick is The Colonie - Istanbul's newest hot spot is one of the urban transformation done right –  from its décor, menu and music - the Colonie is a high-energy eatery in tune with the vibrant neighborhood of Karakoy.

Upcoming Projects : Istanbul
The much anticipated Istanbul Grand Airport - scheduled to be completed in 2019, will provide service to approximately 150 million passengers yearly.

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge - will provide motor/railway access to the Istanbul Grand Airport and become the 3rd bridge crossing the Bosporus.

The Eurasia Tunnel Project - (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project) will connect the Asian and European sides via a highway tunnel going underneath the seabed. At 14km long, the two story tunnel began construction in 2011.


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