Happy Holidays!

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We wish you all a wonderful, happy & healthy holiday season and look forward to new adventures in 2016

At DMT we decide each year to donate to a charity that touches our hearts. Instead of cards or gifts, we try to make a difference in spirit of the holiday season. This year our chosen organization is Small Projects Istanbul.
Karin and the entire team at Destination Management Turkey

More information about SPI:
Providing vital services to Syrians who have been forced from their homes, SPI’s goal is to facilitate access to formal education for Syrian refugees through its scholarship fund and to provide supplemental education that will assist students and families to succeed in Turkey and beyond, paving the way for better opportunities in the future. It also coordinates a craft collective for Syrian women to provide livelihood support. If you would like to find out more information about their services, please visit www.smallprojectsistanbul.org/

DMT – DESTINATION MANAGEMENT TURKEY - www.dmtcmt.comTel.+90 212 293 36 23

The Squirrel Strategy

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This year Destination Management Turkey (DMT) marks our 20th year of doing business in Turkey - through the political strife of the 90s, the economic boom of the past decade and into these current trying times. We've weathered the difficult years and flourished in the good with a sound financial reserve – aka the "squirrel strategy". 

What happens when you cannot see beyond the next few months or weeks – or, when natural or man-made adversities mitigate the value of the year-over-year data upon which you would normally base your current and future budgets? With ever fluctuating exchange rates, customer cancellations and non-existent future bookings how does one maintain their sanity – let alone preserve financial stability while retaining the most professional and well trained staff? The answer to both questions is to emulate Aesop’s fabled squirrel who toils and saves in the summer so as to be warm and well fed in winter.

We at DMT believe that the cornerstone of every company's financial success - and the key to our squirrel strategy - is knowing your CODB (Cost of Doing Business) and ensuring that enough reserves are available to operate successfully through all economic climates. While many companies like ours operate on a seasonal schedule, we've had to ensure that we’ve stored enough "nuts" to get us through several seasons.  However, just keeping those nuts buried is not quite adequate - we must vigilantly ration them to ensure that we retain the best quality employees, improve our marketing strategies and keep up with the current business trends during the low times. These tactics ensure that when the market turns around we’re ready to go with our customary level of professionalism, high quality service and exceptional customer care.

Doing business in Turkey has an added element – that of being a relationship-first style of economy where it's truly who you know that will make the difference between success and "almost, but-not-quite".  When someone is looking for a new business relationship they will ask friends, relatives and current business contacts for recommendations.  Thus, maintaining our well-established vendor relationships is important – not only to ensure that they are ready to take on our business at a moment's notice, but also to get a better feel of the business and political climate from those who know best. During those days when we are getting cancellations or have nothing on the horizon, meeting with our many experienced vendors over a glass of Turkish tea gives us a chance to improve these important relationships, exchange ideas,  build friendships, strengthen loyalties  and – basically – feel less alone in this industry. 

Getting through those "low seasons" takes planning, a positive but practical attitude and faith in the expression "what goes down must come up".  
Oh…and quite a few glasses of Turkish tea! 

By Karin Paquay – Managing Director of DMT Destination Management Turkey - Istanbul

photo credit: unknown

Turkish Delights : Istanbul Venues and Meeting Spaces

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Check out our Facebook page for more information on Turkeywww.facebook.com/YourTurkishDelight

Istanbul is the place for state-of-the-art meeting and conventions with 5 main convention centers and hundreds of meeting facilitates throughout the city. An impressive range of hotels offering meeting spaces along with unique ancient and modern venue options - such as the The Darruziyafe. Boasting large dining halls (called the "kitchen of the poor"), the Darruziyafe is located at the grand Suleyman Mosque - perfect for basic technical meeting requirements. 

For more high-energy or innovative meetings, the Hard Rock Cafe Istanbul offers 3 levels of meeting and dining space and a large terrace just off the famous Istiklal Boulevard. 

Our Latest Fresh Picks : Istanbul

Soho House Istanbul - the creative atmosphere of the Soho House Istanbul is the perfect location for all your event needs. With refashioned 19th-century palazzo in its typical masculine aesthetic and restored the original Italianate details - the Soho House is our Fresh Pick for eating, drinking and meeting. 

Our next Fresh Pick is The Colonie - Istanbul's newest hot spot is one of the urban transformation done right –  from its décor, menu and music - the Colonie is a high-energy eatery in tune with the vibrant neighborhood of Karakoy.

Upcoming Projects : Istanbul
The much anticipated Istanbul Grand Airport - scheduled to be completed in 2019, will provide service to approximately 150 million passengers yearly.

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge - will provide motor/railway access to the Istanbul Grand Airport and become the 3rd bridge crossing the Bosporus.

The Eurasia Tunnel Project - (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project) will connect the Asian and European sides via a highway tunnel going underneath the seabed. At 14km long, the two story tunnel began construction in 2011.

30 Awesome Turkish Expressions - know before you go!

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from the Matadornetwork:

TURKS HAVE A SAYING FOR EVERY OCCASION. These expressions serve as bookends to each conversation, providing a handy and automatic beginning and end to every human interaction. They’re adages that serve as social glue, meaning you’ll never find a Turk who’s lost for words, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Many of these sayings are known as ata sözü, which literally translates to “words of our ancestors.”

Here are a few of our favorites:

Photo courtesy of the Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism

1. Hoş geldiniz
”Your arrival is lovely”
Said as a greeting to visitors to make them feel at home.

2. Şeytan tüyü
“The devil’s feather”
What seems like an insult is actually a compliment used to describe someone who has a mysterious, devilish charm.

3. Taş attı da kolu mu yoruldu?
“Did he throw a stone so his arm got tired?”
Said to berate someone who’s being lazy.

4. Bir yastıkta kocasınlar
“May they grow old with one pillow”
Kind of like telling couples to never go to bed angry, this is said to newlyweds who traditionally share a single, long pillow in a marital bed.

Photo courtesy of the Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism
5. Etekleri zil çalıyor
“The bells on their hems are ringing”
I recently learned this evocative saying used to describe someone who’s very excited.

6. Pabucu dama atıldı
“His shoe has been thrown onto the roof”
Often said of a father when a new baby monopolises the mother’s attentions, or by anyone who has been passed over in favour of another.

7. Balık etli
“Fish fleshed”
Turkish men usually like women with a bit of meat on their bones, and this is a lovely compliment to curvy girls.

8. Havadan sudan
“Of the air and water”
Turks love to chat, often at length, and about nothing in particular. This is a great way of describing idle chatter — a lot like Irish craic.

9. Elini sallasa ellisi
“If he waves his hand fifty will come”
A great way to comfort a friend after a breakup, it means there are plenty more fish in the sea.

10. Ciğerimin köşesi
“The corner of my liver”
This anatomic description is actually used to describe someone who is very precious to you. You might hear it featured as a lyric in love songs.

11. Armut piş ağzıma düş
“May the pear be cooked on the tree and fall into my mouth”
This describes a person who doesn’t like to work, to whom everything comes ready and done — or falls literally in their lap.

12. İyi ki doğdun
“It’s good that you were born”
Turkish for Happy Birthday. I think this expression is a lot more meaningful than the English version, and I even use the literal English translation on my non-Turkish friends’ birthdays.

13. Boşver
“Give empty”
Perhaps my favorite saying, Boşver means “let it go,” a la Frozen.

14. El elden üstündür
“A hand is superior to another person’s hand”
Said to show that there’s always someone who can do a better job.

15. Battı balık yan gider
“A sunken fish goes sideways”
This one’s pretty hard to parse, but it means that the worst-case scenario has already happened (the fish has sunk), so you might as well stop worrying and have some fun!

16. Ateş almaya gelmek
“Coming over just for a light”
You can cheekily accuse a visitor of this when you want them to stay a while longer.

17. Cami yıkılmış ama mihrab yerinde
”The mosque is a ruin but the mihrap is standing”
One of my personal favorites, this phrase describes an older woman who retains her charms. It’s like saying a church is in ruins but the pulpit is standing. Basically, it’s the opposite of “mutton dressed as lamb.”

18. Geçmiş olsun
“May it be the past”
Said when someone is sick or has had a bad experience. I love how it recognizes someone’s pain, but also expresses the hope that it will soon be behind them.

19. Nazar değmesin
“May you not be touched by the evil eye”
Said after giving a compliment, particularly to a child. Although I’m a pretty rational person, I do believe in the power of the evil eye and use this saying a lot.

20. Hayırlı olsun
“May it be auspicious”
Said whenever someone has a new undertaking, such as a new job.

21. Allah analı babalı büyütsün
“May God let him/her grow up with both a mom and dad”
Perhaps the most meaningful thing you could wish for a newborn child.

22. Kolay gelsin
”May it be easy for you”
This is a great way to acknowledge another person’s labors, even a stranger on the street, who has a difficult task at hand.

23. Çok yaşa
“May you live long”
Turkish for “bless you,” çok yaşa is said after someone sneezes. The sneezer then replies sende gör (may you also see my life) or hep beraber (may we all have many more years to live).

24. Kafayı üşüttü
“They’ve caught a cold in their head”
Turks have a congenital fear of catching a chill, which can strike any part of your body. If you’ve caught a cold in your head, it means you’ve gone crazy.

25. Sıhhatler olsun
“May it bring your health”
Older generations who grew up before hot running water in homes, and who only had baths once or twice a week, will say this when you come out of the shower in case you catch a chill (see above).

26. Başınız sağolsun
“May your head stay healthy”
A thoughtful way of wishing someone condolences when they are grieving the loss of a loved one.

27. (Benim) ilk göz ağrım
“The first pain of my eye”
This is said to a first love or first child to avoid giving them the evil eye (I used to feel very jealous when my grandmother said this to my brother, her oldest grandchild.)

28. Ellerine sağlık
“Health to your hand”
Said to someone who has created something beautiful with their hands, particularly to a cook or a Turkish mom after she’s cooked up a feast for her family.

29. Bir musibet bin nasihatten iyidir
“One bad experience is worth a thousand warnings”
No explanation needed.

30. Güle güle gidin
“May you go laughing”
This is said to departing visitors to help take the edge off sad goodbyes. 


Calling All Art Lovers....The 14th Istanbul Biennial Begins on Saturday!

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Starting from 5 September until 1 November - one of the most celebrated art events is taking place in Istanbul. The 2015 Istanbul Biennial is titled "SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms” and crosses the entire city from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and includes both the European and Asian sides of the city. 

Works by over 80 participants from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America, are displayed in over thirty venues. SALTWATER takes place in museums as well as temporary spaces of habitation on land and on sea such as boats, hotels, former banks, garages, gardens, schools, shops and private homes.

Included in the diverse works are the drawings of the author Orhan Pamuk, displayed at the Istanbul Modern... 

For more information and tickets, please see this link

Capadocia - un cuento de hadas soñado en el corazón de Turquía

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[for our Spanish guests] 
Con impresionantes paisajes y formaciones rocosas naturales de otro mundo, Capadocia es el lugar perfecto para aquellos que disfrutan de la naturaleza. Pero además hay otros tantos sitios espléndidos en esta región y joyas ocultas esperando ser descubiertos.

La vasta región de Capadocia tiene el centro, su corazón entre Uchisar, Goreme y Urgup, dondese encuentran la mayoría de las formaciones rocosas únicas, y donde se desarrollanlas actividades y atracciones. Hay algo especial para cada uno y es el lugar perfecto para relajarse.

Con una historia rica y fascinante que se remonta a decenas de miles de años, esta región ofrece historia, cultura, deportes y pintorescos pueblos con una arquitectura única.
Durante las generaciones pasadas, la agricultura fue la principal actividad económica de Capadocia y muchos de los pueblos más pequeños todavía tienen prósperas comunidades agrícolas de subsistencia. Los lugareños han desarrollado una relación simbiótica con el suelo de cenizas volcánicas y sus necesidades, así como las casas de rocas naturales en la zona. En estos días, los huéspedes pueden permanecer en una cueva con todas las comodidades modernas y pequeños lujos.

Capadocia también ofrece las mejores oportunidades para el senderismo, paseos a caballo, en bicicleta, y por supuesto los famosos vuelos en globo. Con una de las mejores condiciones de viento en el mundo, volar en globo es una actividad que está disponible para realizar durante todo el año. Con vistas de increíbles paisajes y pueblos antiguos resulta una experiencia increíble.

Los caballos de Capadocia son famosos, así como los vaqueros. Cuenta la leyenda que el nombre persa antiguo para esta región fue Katpatuka - que significa "tierra de hermosos caballos" y los caballos de Anatolia fueron un regalo a los sultanes y emperadores. Hoy en día se puede montar a través de los muchos valles y paseos con puestas de sol extraordinarias como regalo especial.

El corazón de Capadocia también ofrece maravillosos vinos, hermosas terrazas para relajarse, hamams (baños turcos) y pintorescos lugares con cafeterías, tiendas y encantadoras calles cercanas alos meandros del río.

DMT - Destination Management Turkey ofrece lo mejor de lo mejor en Capadocia - desde cenas de gala en antiguos monasterios excavados en la roca, a los picnics campestres atendidos en los valles remotos con todo tipo de actividades para aficionados. Somosprofesionales expertos con amplia experiencia para manejar grupos de cualquier tamaño, convención o viajes privados.

Cappadocia in Summer!

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Summer is the perfect time to visit Cappadocia - with activities for any interests. From mysterious, ancient underground cities to rock-cut monasteries and painted churches...to spectacular valleys and hot air balloon flights - Cappadocia is the place to be even - when it's hot.

The heart of Cappadocia - the areas of Goreme, Uchisar and Urgup - offer some of the most unique rock formations in the world. The local farmers and inhabitants have created a symbiotic relationship with the natural rock formations - carving homes and storage out of the pressed volcanic soil...and working with nature to produce wonderful wines, bountiful orchards and delicious vegetables in the dry conditions. 

At DMT, we can arrange unique events for your group, meeting or for individual travel - any interest can be accommodated here. Contact us for all of your travel or meeting/incentive needs. We are the professionals with the experience for a once-in-a-lifetime Cappadocia experience.

Turkey's Turquoise Coast - in Timelapse

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Sit back and enjoy this lovely journey through Turkey...

from the MatadorNetworks site.


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[for our Spanish guests] 

Somos Especialistas Profesionales con lugares únicos y emocionantes como la Cisterna Basílica en Estambul! Deje en manos de DMT la organización de su Cena de gala o Cóctel en éste u otro lugar histórico alrededor de Estambul y toda Turquía.
Disfrute al menos una vez en la vida esta experiencia en la Cisterna Basílica subterránea del siglo cuarto rodeado de cientos de columnas de mármol, estatuas de cabeza de Medusa y cocina gourmet. Cene en el mismo lugar donde Dan Brown ha filmado “Inferno”, protagonizada por Tom Hanks y donde también fueron filmadas escenas de la película de James Bond “De Rusia con amor” y de la serie de James Bond, Skyfall; como así también la última de Russell Crowe “El maestro del agua” sobre la batalla de Gallipoli.

[image text] Vea mas información en nuestra pagina en Facebook: comente, comparta y manténgase  actualizado sobre lo último de Turquía en:


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We are excited to launch our new blog! 
Geared towards providing up-to-date information on what's happening in Turkey 
for the business and luxury traveler.

Please add your email to the side bar to keep receiving updates. 

Also visit our Facebook page

Gala Dinner in the Underground Basilica Cistern!

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We are the go-to professionals with exciting and unique venues like the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul! Let DMT arrange your gala dinner is this or other historic locations around Istanbul and throughout Turkey.

Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime dining experience in the 4th century underground Cistern surrounded by hundreds of marble columns, Medusa head statues and gourmet cuisine. Dine in the very location where Dan Brown's Inferno was just filmed, starring Tom Hanks - and the James Bond film From Russia With Love - and in the film in the James Bond series, Skyfall, and Russell Crowe’s film The Water Diviner about the Battle of Gallipoli.

See more information on our Facebook page : Like, Share, Comment and keep up-to-date on all things Turkey:

Just in Time for Summer! The Top 7 Beaches in Bodrum

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Our friends at The Guide Istanbul has compiled a great list of the best beaches in Bodrum - 

---- > what are your favorites? Leave us a comment below

"Maçakızı Sunbathe on the wooden deck, swim in the beautiful sea, or indulge in Aret Sahakyan’s daytime menu. Most likely, you’ll want to do it all, repeatedly. Kesire Mevkii, Narçiçeği Sokak; T: (0252) 311 24 00

Juju Nestled in the beautiful Cennet Koyu on the grounds of Mandarin Oriental, Juju may have the best location of all Bodrum beaches. Make sure you stay until late in the afternoon for the happy hour. Mandarim Oriental, Bodrum, Cennet Koyu, Çomça Mevkii 314. Sokak No.10; T: (0252) 311 18 88

Xuma If you want it all – laid-back days under the sun and energetic music during sunset parties, reading a book under the shade and dancing under the sun, eating to your heart’s delight and burning calories during a pilates session – Xuma has it all. Merkez Mahallesi Küdür Caddesi No.81; T: (0252) 385 47 75

Aspat This bohemian beach doubles as a playground for those who want to try their hand at water sports. Akyarlar Tuzla Mevki; T: (0252) 393 85 20

Kuum Upscale and luxurious, Kuum is the place to flaunt your latest beachwear. Atatürk Caddesi No.150; T: (0252) 311 00 60

Flamm Chic and cozy, the beach at Flamm is ideal for a calm day by the sea with good music playing in the background. Yalı Mahallesi 30 Sokak No.12/2; T: (0252) 357 76 00

Palmabeach White sand has been brought here for your utmost beach satisfaction. Palmalife Bodrum Resort & Spa, Gökçebel Mahallesi, Kızılburun Caddesi No.1; T: (0252) 396 60 50,


Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

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One of the most beautiful landscapes in the world is just a short flight from Istanbul - if you've never been, here is a grand introduction...we will feature Cappadocia this summer with many interesting articles.

In a spectacular landscape, entirely sculpted by erosion, the Göreme valley and its surroundings contain rock-hewn sanctuaries that provide unique evidence of Byzantine art in the post-Iconoclastic period. Dwellings, troglodyte villages and underground towns – the remains of a traditional human habitat dating back to the 4th century – can also be seen there.


Ephesus Added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

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The Majestic and Spectacular Ephesus has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Turkey now offers 14 World Heritage Sites.

Ephesus (Turkey)—Located within what was once the estuary of the River Kaystros, Ephesus comprises successive Hellenistic and Roman settlements founded on new locations, which followed the coastline as it retreated westward. Excavations have revealed grand monuments of the Roman Imperial period including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Little remains of the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” which drew pilgrims from all around the Mediterranean. Since the 5th century, the House of the Virgin Mary, a domed cruciform chapel seven kilometres from Ephesus, became a major place of Christian pilgrimage. The Ancient City of Ephesus is an outstanding example of a Roman port city, with sea channel and harbour basin.


Getting Around in Istanbul : Uber launches UberBOAT for your luxury water transportation needs

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Uber, on its first anniversary in Istanbul, launches UberBOAT thanks to a partnership with the leading luxury sea transport company Navette.

With the tap of a button they were able to request an UberBOAT and ride to their destination enjoying a great view of the Bosphorus without any traffic.


When you’re by the seaside you can see UberBOAT option on the vehicle menu.
If there’s any empty boat nearby, set your pick up location and request UberBOAT.
The captain will call you to confirm your ride and a speed boat will embark shortly.
New to Uber? Sign up here with promo code UBERTEKNE and get 30 TL off your first ride.
The company serves with speed boats that have passenger capacity of 6 to 8 people. UberBOAT fares are based on distance (sea mile) and time and will be automatically charged on your credit card at the end of a trip.


Top 10 Things to do in Bodrum!

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Bodrum offers an incredible adventure for every style and interest. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Bodrum.

Do you have any favorites to add to the list? 
We'd love to hear what you love about Bodrum? 

  1. Castle of Saint Peter:
    Constructed in the 15th century during the crusades of the middle ages, and it was given the name The Castle of St. Petrus, or Petronium (Turkish version: Bodrum). This magnificent castle in the harbor offers hours of adventure and also houses Bodrum’s remarkable Museum of Underwater Archaeology as well as hosting several Turkish cultural festivals throughout the year.
  2. Underwater Archaeological Museum: 
    Including Bronze Age Shipwrecks exhibit displays interesting findings recovered from sunken trading vessels discovered by local sponge divers. The artifacts, from the 13th and 16th century B.C., are indispensable for understanding the late Bronze Age. Also on display is the world’s oldest known shipwreck, also one of the richest finds, discovered at Ulu Burun in 1982.
  3. Ancient Sites & Ruins (Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum Amphitheater, Myndos Gate):
    In 377 BC, the city of Halicarnassus (modern day Bodrum) was the capitol of a small kingdom along the Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor. Today, the region is rich in ancient history including the Mausoleum - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 
  4. Jet-setting bars, cafes & luxury shops: for the best cafes, bars and gourmet restaurants, Bodrum cannot be beat...with the beautiful coast as a backdrop, the food just tastes better!
  5. Boat rentals - Gulet cruises: we offer luxury gulet and yacht arrangements. We have the experience and know-how to book your gulet holiday or take care of your luxury yachting needs. Visit our page http://www.dmtcmt.com/dmt-tailormade/yacht-charters/
  6. Yalikavak, the "St. Tropez of Turkey" with Palmarina - one of the most beautiful bays of the Bodrum Peninsula and a port for more than 3000 years, Yalikavak is a blending of old-world charm with jet-set luxuries. 
  7. Diving & Snorkeling - some of the most beautiful diving sites are around the Bodrum peninsula. With crystal-clear waters and ruins aplenty, Bodrum is paradise for watersports of all kinds.
  8. Beaches - beautiful beaches line the Bodrum peninsula and offer something for everyone from quaint stretches of secluded beaches to luxury hotel beaches with loungers and first rate service. 
  9. Gumusluk (Gümüşlük) and Rabbit Island - this quaint village is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the quiet village. Wade out across the waters to reach Rabbit Island and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.
  10. The Bodrum Cup International Wooden Sailing Yacht Regatta - takes place every 3rd week of October and offers privately-owned foreign & domestic yachts filling the majestic harbor and horizon. 

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy the Warm Weather in Istanbul

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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy the Warm Weather in Istanbul 

What are your favorites? Please comment below with your experiences.

Istanbul is one of those magical cities that offers something for every style, every interest and every budget. Rich with outdoor terraces, cafes, public gardens and quaint side streets - not to mention the amazing boating and island-hopping opportunities - Istanbul is at her most beautiful and active in summer. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy Istanbul in the summer:

  1. Cruising the Bosphorus & Golden Horn
  2. Prince's Islands
  3. Camlica Hill & Pavilion
  4. Eminonu & Galata Bridge
  5. Passageways off Istiklal Boulevard
  6. Outdoor Cafes
  7. Rooftop Terraces
  8. Public Gardens
  9. People Watching
  10. Street Food 

Istanbul : the Rotana brand will open 2 new properties in Istanbul

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Rotana brand enters into the Turkish market by opening two new properties in Istanbul next month.The “Burgu Arjaan by Rotana” and “Tango Arjaan by Rotana” will officially open their doors to guests on 1st of June 2015, adding a total of 318 rooms to Rotana’s existing 13,359–strong room count across the region.